The Gilis have a temperate climate that makes for an enjoyable visit all year round. They are noticeably drier and hotter than Lombok and it rains much less here than on Bali but evenings can still be cool and refreshing. The rainy season is roughly from November to April but this can vary from year to year and should only be used as a loose guideline.  The high season is from July to August (best time to visit climate-wise) and December to January.

The water temperatures rarely go below 27 degrees celsius with peak water temperature during the warmest times at approximately 32 degrees. There are very few thermoclines with areas of upwelling and cold sections at the change over between seasons.

The best months to visit the Gilis for weather and beating the crowds are January to February and September to November. Traveling to the Gili Islands out of season has the added advantage of fewer people, which in turn leads to cheaper prices on accommodation.

Mid season: May, June and October
Low season: February, March, April and November
High season: July, August, September and December

Please note that in the peak periods the island is fully booked, so please be sure to book well in advance to avoid disappointment & ensure your choice of hotel.

During the month of the Muslim Ramadan celebrations, the bars turn the music off at around midnight, which makes the nightlife quieter at this time of year. Although alcoholic beverages can still be enjoyed after midnight, it would be best to check when Ramadan is to be held before coming to the Gili Islands if you are planning to dance the whole night through.