The Gili Island Dive Association was established in order to collectively work to maintain standards of safety and diving service on Gili Trawangan. Members meet regularly to discuss and create rules of standards that must be met in order to keep the diving on Gili safe and enjoyable. All members must meet these standards and work together to resolve problems and help in times of stress. GIDA members collect a contribution from all divers to be utilised by the Gili Eco Trust in reef conservation, restoration and protection. It is highly recommended that all divers visiting the Gili Islands only dive with centres and resorts that are members of this organisation.

Gili-Eco-Trust-02Established in 2001, The Gili Eco Trust is a local non-government organisation which focuses on environmental issues affecting Gili Trawangan both on land and underwater. Dive centres, accommodation providers, restaurants and local businesses on Trawangan all work hard to support the association. Each diver visiting Gili Trawangan is charged a one time payment of Rp50,000 ($6US) to help fund the numerous projects undertaken by the Eco Trust.

These projects are continuously evolving to meet the needs of a changing and developing island and cover issues such as:
–       Coral reef protection and regeneration through the BioRock© process
–       Marine research through visiting Masters, PHD and thesis students from around the world
–       Waste management and recycling
–       Environmental education within the school system
–       Volunteer teaching program
–       Working horse veterinarian access
–       Erosion prevention and control
–       Beach clean ups
–       Regular workshops for education and public awareness
–       Turtle sanctuary and release program

In late 2013 the Gili Eco Trust successfully protected the islands from all forms of destructive fishing and actions that may be detrimental to the coral reefs. This full Marine Protected Status will bring government support to initiatives run by Gili Eco Trust in preserving the wonderful reefs around Gili Trawangan.

In 2004 The Gili Eco Trust brought BioRock© technology to Gili Trawangan and today over sixty structures can be found around the Gili Islands, making this area one of the largest BioRock© coral regeneration projects in the world. Regular workshops take place on Gili Trawangan teaching scientists and volunteers from home and abroad these systems and continuing with positive steps forward in reef protection on the Gilis.


Cats of Gili is a not for profit Animal Welfare Organization created in 2013.   They organize vet visits every now and then, and big spay/neuter clinics couple of times a year. The aim is to neuter and spay as many cats as possible, and that way get the breeding under control. Of course, whenever there are vets visiting, they treat all cats in need. They also spread information, for example via our facebook pageinstagram and this website. They collect donations, both money and supplies to help us to help the cats. They have basic medication available and a tiny cat hospital at Lutwala Dive. Our charity shop in Gili Trawangan sells cat food and other cat stuff, and all profits from the shop go to further fund our efforts. They also of course hope to find more vet volunteers and other people who want to help us.

GH_Logo_Colour_Transparent (2)Horses of Gili is a not for profit Animal Welfare Organization based on Gili Trawangan.  This organization was founded in 2015 with the goal of assisting the Gili Eco Trust in their already successful veterinary clinics and establishing a “Horse Hospital” to enable us to care for sick and injured horses between the twice annual horse clinics.  They have a horse hospital located behind Lutwala Dive on land graciously donated by Villa Grasia.  They also see horses as needed at Lutwala and help to gather donations and supplies from worldwide to be used at the horse clinics.  You can learn more about Horses of Gili on their website, Facebook page, and below find a short video about them.