Kitten Overload at Lutwala Dive

In the last few days we’ve had an influx of kittens arrive at the cat hospital here at Lutwala and we are now up to 9 cute little ones. Some are definitely in better condition than others and unfortunately we lost one of the adorable little gingers who was too poorly. But his brothers are doing better and are beginning to put weight on so fingers crossed they’ll get stronger in the next couple of weeks.

These two tiny babies were brought to us three days ago after being found on the middle of the road. They seem very healthy so are being kept separately from the other sick cats to insure they carry on being healthy. We think they are roughly around 2 weeks old as their teeth are beginning to come through.

Then yesterday two new gingers arrived, followed by a grey tabby who was found in our garden this morning. All these kittens will need homes in the coming weeks once we know they will survive and have been vaccinated so please drop by if you are interested in adopting any of them.

In other cat news, Cats of Gili held another successful cat clinic a couple of weeks ago where we did 4 days on Gili Trawangan and 2 days on Gili Air. In total 139 cats visited the vets and 95 cats were spayed or neutered. As well as the cats, the vets also treated 2 rabbits, 3 horses and one monkey. Massive thanks to the amazing vet team and all those who stopped to give a donation.

To find out more about Cats of Gili visit their website here.