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Beach clean up, Gili Trawangan.

April 22, 2014 at 2:59 AM

Clean upIt’s a lazy Sunday afternoon at Lutwala Dive and our 8 Divemaster Trainees (DMTs) reckon they’re

going to get away with sneaking in a cheeky nap on the beach. Wrong! Not until that beach is clean

they’re not.....

With such a big team at the moment we decided it was time for a good old beach clean up, in

support of Project Aware’s ongoing intitiative to look after the marine environment. Dividing all our

instructors, DMTs and a couple of lovely Discover Scuba Diving customers into teams we managed

to cover a huge stretch of the north shore of Gili Trawangan, home to Shark Point and Halik Reef. In

just one hour of effort we collected ten huge sacks of rubbish!

So much waste is not only an ugly eye sore ruining our idyllic beaches but, even worse, it is a huge

threat to the wildlife in the area. Much of it will get washed into the ocean, polluting the water and

putting our turtles, sharks and other fish at risk. It is common knowledge that our poor beloved

turtles cannot tell the difference between a jellyfish/food and a plastic bag/choking hazard!

It seems only right that we, as scuba divers, do our best to help look after the ocean we love and

rely on. With this in mind Lutwala Dive will continue to do regular beach clean ups and encourage

as many people as possible to get involved! To make it a bit more fun we used the time as a Q&A

session to get to know our new DMTs a bit better. We learnt that Bryn used to be British Kickboxing

Champion as a teenager and that Zoe used to sell prosthetic toe joints!! Then there are the

revelations we just can’t mention here.......Lutwala team of instructors and DMT'ards