gili eco trusst horse clinic

After 5 days of madness at the Gili Eco Trust horse clinic, with the help from many great volunteers, we managed to treat 200 horses! It was the most successful horse clinic so far and we were pleased to see that the majority of the horses were in good condition.

Gili Eco Trust Horse Clinic

The dream team

Over the 5 days we replaced 120 bits, provided around 100 new bridles as well as giving out innumerable protective boots and padding for girths, withers and cruppers. Each horse received a brief physical and a vitamin injection (for likely inadequate diet), had wounds cleaned (if present), was dewormed, given padding for harnesses if needed and many also had their feet trimmed and shod and teeth floated.

Gili Eco Trust Horse Clinic

Twisted bit seems to be a favourite

As soon as we can organise more supplies and volunteers we will hold a clinic for Gili Meno and Gili Air. Overall the majority of horses are in good condition and are drinking fresh water. Any with ongoing medical problems we will be following up on. In the meantime if any horses are sick they can come to Lutwala Dive for medical care.

At the same time we also held a cat clinic where we treated over 100 cats in our hospital as well as a rabbit and a goat!

Gili Eco Trust Horse ClinicAfter the clinic had finished this lovely guy heard that we were still here and having just brought his pony from Lombok (he missed the clinic), asked if we could please help him with his pony’s skin condition. We treated the pony but asked him to come back for the following few days for ongoing treatment. Each day he was very early and walked the pony next to his bike rather than with the cart. The pony had a horrific bit (all you can buy here) so we managed to find another one for him and we treated his skin condition. It really makes it seem worthwhile when you have owners like this who really care about their ponies and are so grateful for the help.

Due to overwhelming positive response by everyone who cares deeply about the horses and ponies of Gili Trawangan we have created a paypal account for donations. Anyone who wants to make a donation DIRECT to the care of the horses can make a payment to the paypal account

Please share to help us help the horses. Money is used for supplies and medications we cannot get here locally and to help provide proper equipment as well.

Gili Eco Trust Horse Clinic

Lutwala’s newest resident…